Performing arts career options

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i wanted to know career option in performing arts. specially in dance, music and theater / acting etc

looking for answer on this… pls help

career options in performing arts are increasing by leaps and bounds. as use of visual media is increasing, so are the opportunities in this area. earlier visual media was limited to TV, Bollywood movies and serials and internet. but with the onset of OTT, contents in huge quantities are being generated and hence the number of opportunities are also increasing.

let me conver the various opportunities in the fields you have mentioned.

career opportunities in music:

  1. singer
  2. music conductor
  3. music composer
  4. music teacher
  5. music therapist
  6. music instrument creator

career opportunities in dance:

  1. dancer
  2. teacher
  3. choreographer
  4. dance notator

career opportunities in acting / theater

  1. actor in movies/ tv / stage
  2. stunt performer
  3. voice actor

apart from these option one enter in related fields such as becoming director, producer etc.

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thank you sir…

sir, what is music therapist?

Hello Adv_gupta,

Music Therapist is a person who treats mental disorders and disabilities through music. They work with children and people with brain injuries , abuse problems and any kind of disabilities They provide emotional support to patients and their families using non verbal relaxation techniques.

Skills require to be a Music Therapist:

  1. Good communication skills
  2. Should be able to connect easily with peoples of any age.
  3. Design the program as per clients need.
  4. Good Listening skills
  5. Quickly responds to medical emergencies of clients.
  6. Should be expert in therapy and psychology.

if you want to know more information on any other courses please feel free to post your question.

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