Parents are asking me to choose medical

My parents are asking me to choose medical. I think I don’t like biology or chemistry. I am confused… what should i do

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hello @akaur - It’s best to consult career counsellors along with your parents. if your parents are not in agreement to meet counsellors, take help from your teachers and other elders in house to convince them to meet career counsellors.

career counsellors have tools & mechanism to counsel your parents, and at same time help your figure our various traits (subjects you are good at, personality etc.).

hope this helps.

requesting other career guides to chip in with answer.


Hi @akaur ,
Career/stream we choose it will be with us for next 30-40 years.
If you choose the subjects which you like then you will enjoy your job

So try to tell your parents that there are so many career options available with each and every stream .


thanku sir, thanks mam