Newsletter 10: NEP (National Education Policy) 2020

In this Newsletter, we are deviating from our usual courses related newsletters. In this week our focus is NEP (National Education Policy) 2020.

This is something which impacts every student and teacher today. NEP 2020 is based on the principles of Diversity / inclusion, using technology as much as feasible, focusing on conceptual learning rather than rote learning and focusing on skills of 21st century such as Critical Thinking, Communication and Problem solving.

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sir, i am interested in mass communication. would there be any changes in mass communication related degree in NEP?

hi Yudhvir, it’s clear as of now what changes we will see in mass communication . NEP is being implemented in phases. over coming year, we will need to continue to see what changes we in each streams etc.

whenever specific changes are clear, we will try to produce a newsletter on those. continue to watch the space…