Newsletter 1 - Commerce stream overview

As promised, we are starting to post newsletters from today.

In very first newsletter, we are focusing on commerce stream. This newsletter gives overview of commerce stream. What is commerce stream all about, who should take it, which all degrees / courses / specialization are available and what are career prospectus - all of these covered in this newsletter at high level. In future Newsletter, we will provide detail newsletters on degrees / courses / specialization / career options etc.

As we have tried to cover a lot in this first newsletter, this is 3 page newsletter. All other newsletters in future should be smaller (usually 1 page), so that you can quickly get good information.

Hope you like Newsletters.

Any feedback you may have, kindly share. Your feedback will help us improve.


thank you sir. i will read this and let you know if any question


thanks for newsletter. i found it very useful


very very useful… lookinf forward for more


Good Capture on the Commerce stream

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sir, a similar newsletter on arts will be very veery useful… pl let me know if you have already posted

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sure @adv_gupta . hope to publish that soon… thanks for your comments

sir, i want to see Newsletter on law