Mass communication

I want to get more information on degrees of Mass communication…

Hello Yudhvir,

Here is the list of degrees available in Mass Communication. Degree Duration Eligibility
1 B.Sc. (Journalism & Film Making) 3 years 10+2 Any Stream
2 BMC (Mass Communication) 3 years 10+2 Any Stream
3 BJMC (Journalism & Mass Communication) 3 years 10+2 Any Stream
4 BA (Journalism) 3 years 10+2 Any Stream
5 BMM (Mass Media) 3 years 10+2 Any Stream
6 BA + MA (Integrated) 5 years 10+2 Any Stream
7 MJMC(Integrated) 5 years 10+2 Any Stream
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thanks mam… i am interesting in finding job prospects for mass communication and also what are different fields of mass communication?

hello Yudhvir, thanks for your question.

as the name of field suggest, mass communication involves various means of communicating information to masses. medium could be any - electronic, print, radio, tv, internet etc.

following are the different fields and this also covers various job prospects in this field:

  1. public relations: every organization or government or any important office - they have public relations officer for public dealing.
  2. electronic journalism: this is new form of journalism. there are various ways information can be published on internet - news websites, blogs, twitter, articles, radio, tv etc.
  3. print journalism: this is oldest form we know as of today. one gather important information and news, and those are shared via print medium such as newspapers or magazines etc.
  4. advertising: advertising is very powerful mean for communication. people involved here have to be very creative as there is time or space limitation & a powerful message need to be passed in these constrains
  5. films: again one need to be very creative in this field as well

hope this helps. pls feel free to reach out for further questions