Jobs after translator course

hello, I am doing graduation and i have also taken foreign language. I am thinking to do course for translator.

I want to know which are good courses for translator? and what job options we have after these course?

Hi Jignesh,

Good to hear that you have interest and Translator job and also you are learning foreign language.

Here are the details of courses for translator.

Translator is a person who converts information/details of one language to another language. There are many opportunities for the translators in coming time.

  1. For the translator job mostly companies requires a graduation degree .
  2. Most of the companies require English and 1 other foreign language.

As you are already learning foreign language that will be good enough for the translator job .
But if you still want to do any other course/certification ,there are so many courses available.

You can choose courses from:

Some of the job roles you can get after becoming translator.

Sr.No. Job roles
1 Literary translator
2 Conference Interpreters
3 Legal Translators
4 Sign Language Translators

You can get jobs in Govt as well as private sector.

Hospitals International Organizations
News Paper and magazines Export Agencies
Teaching Embassy
Court Rooms Radio stations
Publishing Houses Hotel Industry
Exhibitions and Fairs Software Companies