Is there benefit of high marks in school and college degrees

speaking to many elders who are working in companies they say marks doesn’t matter … i see teacher and parents ask us to get high marks… who is right here and does companies look into marks when giving jobs

@jhkhan3 - that very good question. there is no yes / no answer to this.

you may hear different views from different people and that’s okay.

i would say learnings and attitude to learn matters more than marks, but at same time marks have it’s own importance. marks is one objective thing which can be used for shortlisting candidates. the way i see is, there is no huge difference between 78% and 98% but at same time, there could be huge difference between 58% and 78%.

though i would like to emphasize focus on practical learning. marks can be used for cutoff but marks doesn’t make one best in a job or task or research, practical learning does