Financial advisor

what does financial advisor do? and what degree or training is required to become financial advisor…


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Financial advisor give financial advise to retail customers and to corporates. This advise is about financial investments.

financial advisors understands the need of the customers (i.e. their goals - how much money they need and when). for example, when you go to higher studies you might need specific amount of money or when you get marries or when you buy a house or car etc. financial advisors also helps you identify your financial goals and ensures that one doesn’t have any financial trouble.

based on the goals, financial advisor advises client to invest money in specific investment assets (such as equities, debt, real estate or gold etc.)

that’s pretty much about what financial advisor do.

now let’s me answer second part of question that how to become financial advisor:

  1. Complete bachelor degree in commerce or bachelor of accounts & finance or masters degree in finance
  2. complete Certified Financial Planner (CFP) course
  3. register yourself with SEBI

Financial planning is expected to be good career. as people are becoming wealthier, they need assistance from financial planners.


sir, i wan to get more details on Certified Financial Planner (CFP) course

Hi Dipesh,

CFP is certification given by the Financial Planning Standards Board (FPSB). CFP certification programme includes five exams for six modules. Certification curriculum provides in depth expertise in Investment assets, Insurance and tax laws.

One can get CFP certification in two ways

  • Regular: 12th pass. Candidate need to clear all 6 exams
  • Challenge status: for CA/Intermediate level, CFA, ICWA, CAIIB, CS etc. professionals. Candidate need to clear only 5th exam (advanced financial planning)

These are the list of modules which need to be cleared in certification

  • Module 1: Introduction To Financial Planning
  • Module 2: Risk Analysis & Insurance Planning
  • Module 3: Retirement Planning & Employee Benefits
  • Module 4: Investment Planning
  • Module 5: Tax Planning & Estate Planning
  • Module 6: Advanced Financial Planning

You can see more details at

Hope this answers your question.

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sir may i know the fees for cfp…

fees for regular mode is approx. ₹50k

and fees for challenge mode is approx. ₹15-30k

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