Career options after BCA?

I have completed my Bachelor’s in Computers Application, should I go for MCA or try for jobs and gain experience and then do MCA if required? What certifications will be helpful in getting a Job?


Firstly, there are very limited jobs available after BCA.

Secondly, there is no major benefit in gaining job experience after BCA and then pursuing masters.

Hence my suggestion is one should pursue MCA after BCA and then go for jobs.

One should do MCA after BCA if you like to work in computer application field and you are looking to become IT professional / Software Developer / Game Development / Animations etc.

If you don’t like to continue further in Computer Application, Actuarial Science is upcoming field. The discipline of Actuarial science applies mathematical and statistical methods to weigh risk in insurance, finance and other industries and occupations. let me know if you like to more about Actuarial science

There are lot of different specialization in IT / Software Development field. You will need to see what interests you more and then learn those languages / tools with or without Certifications. Following are few top specialization which are currently in demand in industry, so you can do certification course in either of following after you have understood kind of work happens in these and suitability based on your interest.

  1. Software development: Java / Nodejs stack / Python / .NET etc. these are some of the popular languages which are used in industry
  2. Cyber security : this is upcoming field to ensure security of IT systems.
  3. Animation / Graphic designing / Game development: this is expected to grow a lot in future
  4. AR / VR development
  5. DevOps
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