Career in investment banking

I hear investment banking people earn lot of money. What does investment banker do and how to become one?

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that is correct that investment bankers earn lot of money.

Though my advise is not run behind money rather work in area of your passion and interest. Success and money will follow itself.

Investment banks works with other big corporates and HNIs (High net worth individuals) to help with their money needs - i.e. raise money or invest their money or mergers / acquisitions of companies.

Investment bankers works with clients for above specified things.

Getting into investment banking is quite competitive and most of hiring happens from Top MBA colleges across the world. For example in India, hiring is from IIM A, B, C (i.e. IIM Ahmedabad, Bangalore or Kolkata) etc.

Take up investment banking if you understanding working with money and understand how various risk around dealing with money can be managed.

To get into investment banking take MBA in finance or a postgraduate course in finance. Mathematics in Class XII and graduation is preferred during admissions, but is not a requirement. Applicants are usually required to take a common entrance exam like the CAT, MAT or GMAT.