Can we become brand manager without doing MBA?

hello, I want to become brand manager but not interested in MBA. can I still become Brand manager.

thanks in advance for help

Hello Inder,

Brand Manager: is a person who make the strategy for the company, according to the company’s offerings. He is responsible for styling, marketing and advertisement. Maintaining the brand value is very important. A brand manager is a very top-level position in the company.

If you want to become Brand Manager ,courses are also available other than MBA.

Below mentioned are the undergraduate courses to enter in career in Brand Manager.

Sr. No. Course Name
1 Undergraduate course in Brand Management
2 Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS)
3 Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM)
4 Bachelor of Arts in English
5 Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
6 Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS)

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